Embroidery you will LOVE

Embroidery you will LOVE

Embroidery you will LOVEEmbroidery you will LOVEEmbroidery you will LOVE

A Few words about us...

When my hobby became my passion, Sassy Stitch was born.

My name is Donna Earp and I am the owner of Sassy Stitch Embroidery & Gifts.  I love Emboridery!  I love taking everyday items and turning them into personal, one of a kind gifts.

I started embroidery to personalize things for myself.  I wanted to be able to play around stitching monograms and initials on my things.  When I started wearing and carring these items out, I would get comments from everyone I met....."That's beautiful".....or "I love your vest....Where did you get that?"  I would say, well....I did it myself.  The next question was...."Well can you make one for me?", and Sassy Stitch was born.  I would love to have the opportunity to turn you everyday items into a personal, one of a kind show piece for yourself or create a custom gift for the special people in your life.  Browse through my site for just a few examples of what I can do and thank you for your consideration!

We create a one of a kind gift for yourself or someone else!